Jun 07

Inner Critic Attacks

critic1Everyone does some of these some of the time. Trauma survivors tend to do many of them excessively. This list is useful for greater awareness, and to begin quieting the voice of the inner critic. I’ll post a future article with more information on managing the inner critic and cultivating the alternatives to these perspectives.



  • Perfectionism – Not trusting that the imperfect is perfectly okay
  • Black and white thinking – And all or none. Not trusting gradations
  • Self-disgust, Self-hate, Toxic Shame – not trusting that you’re okay
  • Worrying excessively -(overly), Micro Management, Obsessing, Looping, futurizing
  • Catastrophizing, Awfulinzing, Drasticising, Hypochondriasizing
  • Devaluing comparisons between self and others
  • Shoulding – Excessively thinking you Should have, Would have, or Could have…
  • Workaholism – Over-productivity, Busyness
  • Time Urgency / Rushing, being in a hurry
  • Harsh judgment of self and others / Name calling (not trusting imperfection)
  • Negative Focus
  • Disabling Performance Anxiety – Not trusting ability as good enough
  • Perservating about being attacked
  • Victim mentality
  • Being mostly in the head (dissociated) – Not being very embodied

Much of this list comes from the book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker

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