Jan 10

Coaching vs. Therapy

Feeling more balanced and having a sense of inner calm can be outcomes of both coaching and therapy, and there are some similarities in the approaches which can include deep listening, educating and suggested action steps.

There are also differences between coaching and therapy. Depending on where you are in your recovery, you may find tremendous benefits from working with either kind of professional.

Generally, coaching can be more suitable for the less acute situations, where with some guidance the client can become more empowered to help themselves. Coaches don’t give medical advice, consult on the use of medications, or work with clients who need critical help – these are the areas for a therapist.

Depending upon the stage you’re at in your journey of recovery, one of these approaches could be more appropriate and effective than another. Some clients are in a place to work with both types of professionals. For instance the client may see the therapist for medical assistance, or therapy, while at the same time working with a coach to facilitate healing by learning somatic-based mindfulness (body-based) practices.

If you’re unsure where you would benefit most, don’t hesitate to speak with your therapist, or to inquire with me about coaching.

You can reach me at virtualbrad@gmail.com


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