Dec 20

A main goal of healing trauma and how to begin

Everyone with trauma can benefit from learning to reprogram their nervous system from the states of anxiety and exhaustion to exuberance and ease. A good place to begin is with an understanding of the territory and the goal. After that the critical piece is beginning a regular practice of somatic (body-based) inquiry. This article is  about the territory and names the goal; others on this website go into the practices that are experiential – where change really happens.

These two models show both un-discharged traumatic stress (red areas) and a well-regulated nervous system – what could be called FLOW or coherence (green areas).

These models are useful in many ways. To name a few:

  • The goal is identified: FLOW or an optimal state of nervous system regulation.
  • The states of dysregulation or FLOW can be seen in both low-energy and high-energy states. Without this understanding, people with anxiety can assume that the goal is to become calm and dull which is shut-down rather than relaxed.
  • The models show what each state feels like. This is critical, because trauma is held in the body, so it needs to be released on a somatic level. New ways of being and feeling also need to be learned somatically.

Beyond the conceptual understanding these models show, there are many somatic protocols that facilitate healing.

What did you think of this article? Was it helpful to your understanding of anxiety and trauma? Let me know if you have questions or if you’d like further information.

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