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Other mindfulness resources:

Mindfulness training for organizations, groups and individuals

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  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR (8 – week course)
  • Mindfulness at Work* program for staff and / or Trainers and Coaches – Train-the-trainer model.
  • Leadership Mindfulness – for Managers and Executives
  • Biofeedback Sessions for increased Somatic Mindfulness
  • Somatic Mindfulness for Trauma Healing – Many of us have some trauma and can benefit. See below.

Mindfulness at Work* is a training program specifically developed for organizations that have a primary goal of supporting employee well-being. As the pace of life seemingly speeds up there’s an even greater need for learning and applying mindfulness in the workplace.

The benefits of learning greater mindfulness are numerous, and include:

  • 32% decrease in medical symptoms (less absenteeism and medical costs)
  • 29% decrease in perceived stress symptoms
  • 26% increase in acting with self-awareness
  • 25% increase in observational skills
  • 26% increase in non-reactivity (less drama)
  • Enhanced customer or member interactions

Mindfulness at Work is also a book being written by Brad Maybury. It will be published in the spring of 2017. Brad is also the author of the 5-star-rated book The Happy Method, that has a chapter on mindfulness. Here’s the Amazon Link.


 Mindfulness and healing from trauma

Mindfulness is intentional awareness in the present moment. It ideally combines alertness with ease, so counters two of the primary challenges of trauma; dissociation and anxiousness. For anyone, this relaxed attentiveness engenders a state of greater learning, engagement, and effectiveness.

Mindfulness is the master modality for healing. With training in increasing their mindfulness the client works more effectively and sees better results with all other healing techniques.

When practiced by the coach and the client together mindfulness creates an environment where optimal healing outcomes are realized. With comprehensive training, experience and a dedicated daily practice of mindfulness, Brad is effective in using the power of mindfulness to facilitate healing.

Somatic mindfulness is awareness of the felt-sense of a variety of sensations in the body including emotions, physiological responses, physical sensations and others. The practice of somatic mindfulness is particularly useful with many trauma clients who have largely disconnected from their body. In addition to providing instruction in practicing somatic mindfulness, Brad leads clients through a variety of somatic exercises where experiential learning takes place.