thrive6Would you like to feel more relaxed, alive, and confident in a real felt-sense way? These are some of the direct outcomes of healing trauma. The indirect outcomes are that your whole life gets better.

The body holds the imprints of trauma. Healing is experienced through a variety of body-based exercises and other techniques which facilitate releasing these imprints and restoring the natural state of wellness.

Our energy states: Traumatized people  live physiologically from a very different place than non-traumatized people. High-energy is experienced as anxiety and low-energy is experienced as exhaustion and shutting down. The healthy alternatives that we can return to are alert  relaxation.

Brad_photo_web2My name is Brad and I’m passionate about helping people to heal from anxiety and trauma because I’ve experienced the benefits.

To begin we schedule an initial session where you’ll experience coaching in action.

Pricing is on a per-session basis.

Typically we’ll meet once per week via phone, Skype, or in person for 50 to 60 minutes.

Get in touch with me and begin your journey to greater wellness!


Phone: 619-572-3443


Skype name: brad.maybury1


Professional Experience & Accomplishments

Over twenty years of successful training and coaching experience that includes the following:

  • Experience in working with individual clients to heal from trauma and addiction based on mindfulness instruction and practices.
  • Trained and certified by Crane Consulting to consult with organizations to create High-Performance Coaching Cultures and certified to facilitate The Heart of Coaching Workshops.
  • 2004 – Present: Personally coached and trained by Steve Tierney – The Coaches Training Institute.
  • Received a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Chapman University.
  • Successfully consulted and coached nonprofit clients through Nonprofit Management Solutions.


  • Currently teaching classes on somatic meditation and mindfulness.
  • Successfully completed the instructor’s level course in Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction (MBSR).
  • Experienced with leading workshops on mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction.
  • Committed to a daily personal somatic (body-based) meditation practice – Over four years.
  • Created and taught classes on the “Co-Intuitive Coaching” model.
  • Completed successful coaching engagements with many organizations and dozens of individual clients. Received top ratings on written surveys and assessments.
  • Started and ran a successful yacht charter business (2008-2013). Did all crew training, coaching, and management. Also participated in dozens of team building events as a team leader aboard the yacht.
  • Published Author of the book The Happy Method – A simple approach to greater effectiveness. Amazon Link The book is based on becoming more present moment focused and chapter eight is specifically on mindfulness.
  • Authored dozens of articles on healing trauma, personal development, mindfulness, and coaching.