Monthly Archive: February 2017

Feb 22

Healing Model

This is the NARM model from the book Healing Developmental Trauma (Amazon Link), with added complimentary modalities. This is an overview of the latest effective ways of healing trauma.

Feb 19

Healing Trauma with Body-based Mindfulness Practices

The Breath: #1 in a series of body-based mindfulness lessons. Trauma causes many symptoms, both in the body and in the mind. These can include disconnection from self and others, anxiety, a felt-sense of uneasiness, heightened reactivity to stressors, and a loud inner critic. Body-focused mindfulness practices can help to reduce or eliminate these symptoms …

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Feb 11

The Key Mindfulness Habit to End Drama in Your Life

All of us have some drama in our life, even if it is only internal. In this article you will learn a mindfulness habit that can radically reduce internal and external drama and suffering. You will see results quicker if you practice this powerful habit often. The opposite of drama is peace. So, as your …

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Feb 05

The Mindful Body: 5 Ways to Thriving In Your Daily Life

Here are five techniques to help you develop greater mindfulness and thrive more in all areas of your life. Mindfulness is intentional awareness of your experience as it’s happening. Sounds simple, right? It is pretty simple, but not always easy. The biggest reason it’s sometimes challenging is that most of us have a habit of …

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