Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 24

The Key to Breathing Greater Vitality Into Your Life

Here’s a technique that you can apply right away to improve your vitality, wellness, and success.   The word inspire has two related yet distinct meanings. Inspire means to motivate or energize, and it also means to breathe. It’s no accident that it means both. Our breathing and state of motivation have a synergistic relationship.  …

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Jan 23

Join the Mindfulness Revolution – 10 Awareness-building Moments Every Day

  A recent issue of Time Magazine had a feature image on the cover for mindfulness, calling it a revolution. You might be asking; why has it become so popular? You might even wonder; what is mindfulness, really?  You may even want to know how you can develop it, or why you would want to. …

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Jan 10

Coaching vs. Therapy

Feeling more balanced and having a sense of inner calm can be outcomes of both coaching and therapy, and there are some similarities in the approaches which can include deep listening, educating and suggested action steps. There are also differences between coaching and therapy. Depending on where you are in your recovery, you may find …

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