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The resources on this site facilitate learning to live with greater ease for anyone, and for those healing from trauma as a resource to regaining your right to life and greater aliveness.
All of these resources and exercises are about learning to consciously regulate your nervous system, to release the bodily held response to trauma, and to reconnect to a deep felt-sense of your true self and greater wellbeing.
On this site you’ll find book reviews, site links, articles, exercises, and other resources for healing from trauma. Many of these can be practiced for self-healing, all can be used in conjunction with therapy, or coaching.
Explore the site, learn, and begin your journey to greater wellness.

~ Brad

A main goal of healing trauma and how to begin

Everyone with trauma can benefit from learning to reprogram their nervous system from the states of anxiety and exhaustion to exuberance and ease. A good place to begin is with an understanding of the territory and the goal. After that the critical piece is beginning a regular practice of somatic (body-based) inquiry. This article is  …

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5 keys to healing trauma

Trauma impacts us on all levels body, mind, emotions, and energy. It affects every aspect of our lives. Regardless of the cause, trauma is always accompanied by a dysregulated nervous system. People with trauma spend more time than is normal or healthy in high-energy states of anxiety and overwhelm, or low-energy states of shut-down and …

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Do you have trauma and not know it?

It’s possible to have trauma and not know it. Younger people may not show very obvious symptoms. Some less severe symptoms that can show, but aren’t always obvious indicators of trauma include; passivity towards life, depression, difficulty concentrating, shallow breathing, and tension to name a few. Until the symptoms become acute, they’re often dismissed as …

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Healing Trauma with Body-based Practices

What trauma is and what it does to the body and mind Trauma is the body’s response to a stimulus in the environment. This may be a one-time event such as a car accident, or it can be a series of events like those encountered in war situations. Trauma can also be a response to …

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